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The 131 runs .105 or larger line much better than the 111. If you plan on running heavier line to smack light brush, I would go with the 131, but if you're just looking at cutting tall or thick grass with .95 line, the 111 is plenty powerful enough IMO. The echo 3020 is the same weight as the 111 and lighter than the 131 at 12.1 lbs vs 12.8lbs While I'm at it, and and have a local dealer dealing with me, I'm considering a new Stihl FC130R string trimmer and Stihl HT 131 pole pruner (chain saw on an extend-able pole). When I had my mowing business, I had the lowest paid (and newest) guys on the string trimmers 8 to 10 hours a day 6 days a week. I also have a Stihl FS80 string trimmer And there is no weight penalty between the 91 or 131 powerheads, There is a slight weight penalty however going with a KM unit over the standard FS trimmers. If you are considering a dedicated trimmer, the FS111RX is a good pick , more power than the FS91R and less weight, especially down the boom where you really feel it

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The FS 240 has an unmatched 173cc engine - the Craftsman trimmer lags far behind at 29cc's. With the extra horsepower, STIHL was able to include a 22-inch cutting deck without negatively affecting performance. The Craftsmen trimmer only offers a 17-inch cutting deck. This really isn't a close contest Hi All: My Stihl FS Trimmer with it's 4-mix engine has become impossible to start, when cold. The pull-cord will come out about 8-10 inches, when attempting to start, using excessive pulling strength (in comparison to starting my other 2-stroke and 4-mix Stihl equipment

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Stihl produces trimmers, chainsaws, edgers, leaf blowers, sprayers, and more. If you need a replacement aftermarket part for your Stihl handheld equipment, Jack's has the parts you need. We carry a wide variety of parts, including air filters, bar nuts, belts, carburetors, chainsaw chains, and spark plugs FS 131 R; Stihl FS 131 R Brushcutter (FS 131 R) Parts Diagram Select a page from the Stihl FS 131 R Brushcutter diagram to view the parts list and exploded view diagram. All parts that fit a FS 131 R Brushcutter . Pages in this diagram. A ENGINE. B STARTER & FUEL TANK. C MUFFLER & AIR FILTER. D IGNITION. E CARBURETTOR I just recently aquired a used Stihl FS130 brushcutter/trimmer with bike handles. The machine appears to be in good condition and starts and runs fine on a few pulls. The problem is that the pull cord is VERY hard to pull. I have to hold the shaft down with my foot in order to keep the engine.. Stihl FS 91r | Hearth.com Forums Home. Active since 1995, Hearth.com is THE place on the internet for free information and advice about wood stoves, pellet stoves and other energy saving equipment. We strive to provide opinions, articles, discussions and history related to Hearth Products and in a more general sense, energy issues After using the KM 131 R: I have had a Stihl FS 110 for so many years I can't even remember. It runs fine and I've run metal brush cutters of all kinds on it as well as string trimmer heads. Used it extensively at rent property and it's never let me down

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Stihl 290 Farm Boss 16&18 bars and love it too. Husky is another great company that I feel you can't go wrong with, but in the case that you're looking for a machine similar to the one I've had so much experience with, I have to really push Stihl. You won't have any problems with it. Go with the Stihl. Ttyl, Fah Stihl FS 130 / FS 130R (Petrol Whipper Snipper): 3.3 out of 5 stars from 4 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site ProductReview.com.au The Stihl FS 131 is categorised by the manufacturer as a tough strimmer, but is actually built as, and definitely performs as, a brushcutter. It's very powerful, but at the same time very lightweight and well-balanced. It's also easy to change accessories, refuel and adjust. The only thing we noticed was that Stihl still haven't started using a flexible snap cap for the fuel tank; the. Consists of: 1 × GrassCut 250-32 1 × metal tool transport guard 1 × rider plate 1 × thrust washer 1 × collar nut For FSA 130, FSA 135, FS 89, FS 91, FS 94, FS 111, FS 131, FS 240, FR 131 T, FR 410, FR 460 and FR-KM They all look identical. I likely mixed up my carbs for FS-130 and FS-90 over the years. Went to the Zama site to learn a bit more and got even more confused - evidently the ID number refers to the venturi size for this series? Stihl part numbers are 4180-120-0601 thru 4180-120-0610

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Fulfilling the demanding landscaper's trimming needs, the STIHL FS 91 R trimmer is the well-rounded choice for professionals. It features a low-emission engine and large fuel tank which provides 30% longer run times than the previous model. With its rubberized loop handle, this straight-shaft trimmer delivers a comfortable grip of product. STIHL brushcutter STIHL FS 131. Any first-class tool has to be able to deliver full power from the very start, whatever the task. Just like the FS 131 brushcutter. It is the robust option in the STIHL brushcutter range for weeds and thickets of all kinds fs-131, fs-240, fs-240r, fs-310 Each of these brands have their own pros and cons. For instance, the Echo trimmers may be a bit lighter than the Stihl trimmers and easier to handle, but the Stihl trimmers have a larger string guard, keeping clippings off your clothes and out of your eyes The Stihl FS 91 R mowed through a 5′ x 5′ square of this tough grass in 13.5 seconds. For comparison, the fastest model we tested accomplished the same feat in just under 11 seconds. We also ran these trimmers through a thinner, more typical patch of grass. Here, the FS 91 R finished in just under 9 seconds

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  1. WFLNHB 2 Pack 25-2 Trimmer Head Rebild Kit Replacement for Stihl FS 44 55 80 83 85 90 100 110 120 130 200. 3.7 out of 5 stars 57. $16.69 $ 16. 69. Get it as soon as Thu, Aug 5. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Ketofa FS120 Trimmer Guard Fits for STIHL FS110 FS130 FS160 FS180 FS200 FS220 FS240 FS250,Replaces # 4119 007 1013
  2. Compatible with line diameters of 2.7mm, 3.0mm and 3.3mm. AutoCut 36-2 - for FS 131 / FS 240 C-E. Versions. Price. AutoCut 36-2 - 2.7 mm £43.80*. Save and compare. * Manufacturer's recommended retail price updated as of July 2021. The manufacturer's recommended retail prices are subject to change without notice
  3. PARTSRUN #4223-400-1300 Ignition Coil for Stihl TS400 (Old Style) TS460 3-Bolt Cut Off Saw ZF-IG-A00461. 3.8 out of 5 stars. 13. $39.99. $39. . 99. Get it as soon as Fri, Mar 26. FREE Shipping by Amazon
  4. Posted May 8. On 5/8/2021 at 1:10 PM, shallowwatersailor said: Make sure that you replenish the FS Gearbox Grease regularly. Definitely buy the Stihl tubes of gearbox grease. There are two different kinds. Make sure you get the right one for your application
  5. Stihl weed eater/brushcutter. Author: Parke County Indiana (317) 912-2786 (107.77.xx.xx) - 04/03/2021 (13:58) Stihl FS 131 R Weed eater/brush cutter. Professional grade tool with plenty of power to handle the big stuff, including your fence rows. Starts and runs with no issues, overall very good condition.$175/OBO. Text above number

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  1. Decespugliatore Stihl Fs 131 R Decespugliatore Spalleggiato Fr 460 Tc-e Stihl A 859,00 Iva Inc. Decespugliatore spalleggiato stihl fr460 tc-e. asta separabile, ergostart e motore 2-mix. comodo per il trasporto e il rimessaggio. ideale per l'impiego su..
  2. Stihl FS 130 with bicycle handles and blades - $409 plus tax and cost of blades (technically not a brush cutter, it is there professional grade of trimmer) or Husqvarna 336FR brush cutter $570 shipped to my door anybody have any experience with either unit or have a different reccomendation within the same price range? Specs are pretty close
  3. Stihl autocut is just one step behind. The speed feed is the winding one string concept, but it is easier to wind than the autocut. Seriously, YouTube it. There are videos on them all over. Most of the professional lawn/landscape guys I've seen on the tube use the echo head. And I'm 100% stihl but still saying get the echo head
  4. stihl is 90 days, husky/jred is 1 year, dolmar 2 years, echo chainsaws are 1 year/trimmers,blowers ect are 2 year that is the commercial warranty period. consumer warranty gets complicated. dolmar= 2 years echo= 5 years stihl, jred, husky varies depending on if you buy their oil or premix gas when you buy the equipment

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  1. STIHL FS 131. Výkonný krovinorez, ktorý si poradí aj s veľmi odolným trávnatým porastom. Zjednodušený spôsob štartovania pre Vaše pohodlie. Obojručná rukoväť s tlačidlom STOP. Motor s technológiou 4-MIX®, väčšia nádrž pre dlhšiu prácu bez prerušovania. Pevný hnací hriadeľ
  2. To adjust the valves, either tighten (right), or loosen, (left) the nut on top of the valve rocker arm, as below. When tightening the clearance, be sure to use very small increments, and check the clearance every 1/4 turn. Again, the clearance on both Intake and Exhaust valves is .004 inch. Once the valves are adjusted to spec, replace the.
  3. A lot of people have asked me my thoughts on the Stihl FS 130 versus the Stihl FS 240, following my individual reviews of both. In this comparison video, I share my take on the pros and cons of both. As I share in the video, both the FS 130 and FS 240 are excellent tools, and pack a punch when it comes to power
  4. I used the FS 130, and/or KM 130 (Kombi) with a bump head (auto cut 25-2 with .095 line) or 3 tooth blade (brush knife) for work. (the 130 {now 131} is bigger than you need for homeowner application, it's like shooting something with a 223 and a 45/70, they both work but the 45/70 gets the job done faster (and is more durable
  5. I know Stihl has a terrible rep for starting issues especially on a hot day but I've found the reason (for me anyway) on the 4 mix kombi's If you are having the same prob which I know at least a few are by what's written on here then you will kick yourself for how simple it is We have two 4 mix kombi's and never had starting issues.. nearly always first pull hot or cold, but eventually.

Is the Stihl KombiSystem any good? As a multi-use yard tool, the Stihl KombiSystem is the most versatile lawn care tool on the market. The system has attachments available for trimming, sawing, tilling, and much more and is backed with the reputation and reliability of Stihl How to Adjust the Ignition on a Stihl Trimmer. When you pull the starter cord to fire up your Stihl trimmer only to find that there's no response from the machine, the ignition coil may require. Stihl - Aftermarket Trimmer Heads. Is the trimmer head on your Stihl trimmer beginning to wear out after many hours of tough use? Replacing that old trimmer head can make your trimmer cut better and even reduce vibrations. Here at Jack's we have bump feed and manual feed trimmer heads for curved and straight shaft trimmers Stihl FS 131 Seite 53. Erhalten Sie per E-Mail. Download. Zoom out Zoom in Vorherige Seite 1 / 120. Nächste Seite FS 131, FS 131 R. English.

Part 2: Stihl FS 460 C-EM M-Tronic Grass Trimmer Review. Stihl FS 460 C-EM Professional M-Tronic Clearing Saw Trimmer. Key Features in Summary: 2.2 kW of engine power. Engine displacement of 45.6cc. Professional brush cutter trimmer. For tougher weeds & scrubs. ErgoStart and M-Tronic systems Shop by Stihl String Trimmer Parts. Axle, Roller, Shaft, FS 100 FS 110 FS 130 FS 200 FS 40 FS 46. FS 48 FS 50 FS 52 FS 55 FS 56 FS 62. FS 75 FS 80 FS 85. View more. Ask a customer care specialist We have a trained team ready 24/7 to answer your questions and help you get back on track. Start a live cha You can pick up either of the Stihl FSA 135 Series String Trimmers at any authorized dealer, either online or in-store. Both of the trimmers come with a 3-year residential or a 2-year Professional warranty. As a bare tool, you can pick up the Stihl FSA 135 for $459.99 and the FSA 135 R for $409.99

FS 131 R with AutoCut STIHL Limited is committed to providing an accessible environment in which all individuals have equal access to information as required by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005. All documents developed and/or implemented by STIHL Limited will be made available in an accessible format, that takes. Stihl FS 311: 36.3 cc: 15.9 lbs. Reduced Emission Tech./Steel-on-Steel Clutch/Compensating Carburetor: Coming in a full three pounds lighter, the ECHO is more suitable for homeowner use while Stihl's bicycle-style handlebar grips make it a great solution for commercial use Industrial chainsaws, cultivators, string trimmers, leaf blowers, cut-off saws, construction tools, and more. On the other hand, the comparison of the Echo engine is approximately 27cc, and 24cc is the Stihl's engine. Another difference is the Echo's dry weight for the powerhead nearly 6.6lbs, and Stihl's about 5.7 lbs SHINDAIWA 22C. Stihl FC 44, FS 36, FS 40 (old), FS 44. and other models. Price: $4.99. Ngk BPMR7A Spark Plug (4626) OEM NGK Spark Plug. REPLACES: CHAMPION RCJ6Y. ECHO 15901010230

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Find a Rural King Stihl store near you Stihl FS 91 R Weed Eater Engine. Stihl packs a 28.4 cc 4-Mix engine in the FS 91 R. From merely an engine size perspective, it's right where it needs to be. In Stihl's professional line, you can go as high as a 36.3 cc engine, though. The 4-Mix engine on the Stihl FS 91 R weed eater is an intriguing concept Stihl Carb Baseline Settings. navistar. 12 years ago. Hi All, Does someone have the baseline carb settings for a 034 powerhead? My father has been mickeying around with the carb and now the saw won't start. As part of my troubleshooting I want to get the carb back to factory baseline settings and work forward from there The new STIHL 4-MIX® engine offers more horsepower, more torque and less vibration than its 2-stroke counterpart. Built with the patented STIHL lubrication system, it runs on standard 50:1 fuel-mix, thus eliminating the need for a separate oil chamber Descriere. Motocoasa STIHL FS 111 este o motocoasa puternica, destinata uzului pe suprafete mari de teren, cu rezultate foarte bune in tunderea ierbii, a hatisurilor, buruienilor sau a tufisurilor compacte. Motocoasa STIHL FS 111 este dotata cu un motor 4-MIX ce functioneaza cu amestec benzina - ulei ce dezvolta o putere de 1.05 kW sau 1.4 CP

What spark plug for my STIHL trimmer, chainsaw, or blower? Stihl Spark Plug Chart using Bosh and NGK Spark Plug cross-reference. Stihl Plug Gap 0.20. Spark Plugs Fit Stihl 2-Cycle Trimmers, Chainsaws, Hedge Clippers HT 100, HT 101, HT 130, HT 131 English 5 WARNING Never modify this power tool in any way. Only attachments supplied by STIHL or expressly approved by STIHL for use with the specific STIHL model are authorized. Although certain unauthorized attachments are useable with STIHL power tools, their use may, in fact, be extremely dangerous

In pictures below, see H, L and LA (Idle) Online directions are like this: How to Adjust the Carburetor on a Stihl Weed Eater Turn the high-speed screw, marked 'H' counterclockwise until it stops. Tighten the 'L' screw all the way, then turn it one turn counterclockwise to open it. Start up the engine and allow it to warm up Stihl Fs94r Parts Diagram. Our system has returned the following pages from the Stihl FS 94 R data we have on file. Please use the box above to search for any other information. Select a page from the Stihl KM 90 R Engine (KM 90 R) exploaded view parts diagram to find and buy spares for this machine. Select a page from the Stihl KM 90 R Engine. STIHL FS55R 27.2cc Petrol Brushcutter/Strimmer Powerful And Lightweight Free P&P. 3.5 out of 5 stars. (3) 3 product ratings - STIHL FS55R 27.2cc Petrol Brushcutter/Strimmer Powerful And Lightweight Free P&P. $347.17. $140.36 shipping. See more like this STIHL 4118 713 4100 Trimmer Cutter Blade Assembly Kit. $7.29 New. Recoil Starter Carburetor Air Fuel Filter for STIHL FS 55 46 45 38 Fc55 Hl45. $35.00 New. NOS OEM STIHL #4180 791 7204 Sleeve. 5 out of 5 stars. (1) Total Ratings 1, $5.99 New Recently, UAG member Brad Behr of Copper Creek Cuts got to compare the new ECHO SRM-3020 trimmer with the STIHL FS-111. Both products have the U-shaped handles, which are great for very heavy brush, and balance the weight more evenly to help combat fatigue and muscle pain. In this video, Brad shares his take on the pros and cons of each model

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Magazine şi preţuri - Motocoase STIHL FS 56 (41442000000) de la 1 255,00 RON!: (FS 56 41442000000 ) Producator: Stihl Model: FS56 Descriere Motocoasa STIHL FS 56 este un utilaj de putere mijlocie. Ideală pentru întreţinerea terenurilor şi peisagistică inclusiv pentru locurile inaccesibil The KM 131 R is easy to operate and featuring a semi-automatic choke lever and one-touch stop switch. The only thing easier than using the KM 131 R is leaving your older, bulkier power tools behind. The STIHL KombiSystem is a versatile landscaping system that includes a powerful STIHL KombiMotor and a full line of attachments STIHL FS 74 Owners Manual, STIHL FS 74 Instruction Manual, STIHL FS 76 Owners Manual, STIHL FS 76 Instruction Manual Created Date: 6/12/2017 3:56:37 PM.

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Stihl is a leading supplier of professional and semi-professional garden, forestry and construction machinery. The range including chainsaws and pole pruners, KombiSystems, brushcutters, hedge trimmers, blowers, pressure washers and cut-off saws and other construction equipment, as well as all the fuels, oils and accessories to keep them running at their best Also for: Stihl fs 50, Fs 40, Fs 38.Kizut FS55R String Trimmer Head for STHIL FS 55 56 70 80 90 110 130 FS40 FS88 FS90R FS100 FS100R FS106 FS108 Weedeater # 4002-710-2191 4.2 out of 5 stars 160 $20.98 $ 20 . 98Jun 02, 2021 · I want to build a View and download the Manual of Stihl FS 55 Grass Trimmer (page 73 of 168) (German, Dutch, French, Italian). Also support or get the manual by email

Additions to the STIHL range of professional gas-powered products include: Seven string trimmers: the STIHL FS 91, FS 91 R, FS 111, FS 111 R, FS 111 RX, FS 131 and FS 131 R Three edgers: the STIHL FC 91, FC 96 and FC 111 Three KombiMotors: the STIHL KM 91 R, KM 111 R and KM 131 R One dedicated bed redefiner: the STIHL FB 131 Re: How does the HT 131 Stihl Pole Saw compare to other Pole Saws? « Reply #12 on: May 27, 2012, 11:36:50 PM » I have both the Stihl ht 101 and the Echo 265.Your Stihl should have a little more power than mine,but comparing mine to the Echo,the Stihl wins hands down.I've had trouble w/ my Echo from day one <link rel=stylesheet href=styles.e1042ea28336d441c915.css> Please enable JavaScript to continue using this application

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The Stihl BR600 Magnum won out! I went into my local Stihl dealer he gets all my business and asked him if he would take my Stihl BG86C-E on a trade for the BR600. Take note my BG86 is less than 6 months old and only used maybe 6 times so it is in like new condition. He said he would give me $200 for it so I have to pay him $300 difference Stihl trimmer carburetors are preset at the factory, but it's common for them to fall out of adjustment after heavy use. When the carburetor isn't adjusted properly, the engine may smoke, due to fuel/air mixture that's too rich, or it may race or stall, which is usually because of a lean mixture

Clamp for Stihl FS 131, FS 131 R Brushcutters - 4180 791 9403 . £5.27 £4.39. ADD. Spline Screw M5 x 48 for Stihl TS410 TS420 - 9022 341 1220 . £1.25 £1.04. ADD. Plug for Stihl FR350, FR450 - 4137 711 2101 . £0.66 £0.55. ADD. Thrust Plate for Stihl FS130, FS130R - 4137 710 3800 . £14.02 £11.68. ADD The standard string for the TrimCut head is 0.105 inches in diameter, but you can install .095-inch string on this head. Some versions of the AutoCut head use 0.095- to .105-inch string, and. 13 713. Re : Problème debroussailleuse STIHL FS 130. Pas sûr : tu en avais peut-être une d'ouverte. Pour le réglage, tu peux peut-être essayer en tournant la lame à la main ( en ayant débranché, ou mieux, démonté la bougie ). Si y'a un système d'embrayage, ça ne fonctionnera pas et tu vas être obligé de démonter les 3 vis du lanceur La Stihl FS 70 est une débroussailleuse thermique ultra performante pour usage occasionnel. Grâce à ses nombreuses têtes de coupe et à sa puissance de 0,9 kW, vous pourrez aisément venir à bout de hautes herbes sèches et touffues, de tout genre de broussailles et même de buissons ligneux si vous utilisez le couteau à herbes 8 dents.Du haut de ses 4,8 kg, l'appareil affiche un.

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Compare both Stihl FS 240 C-E / FS 240 RC-E. Other Petrol Whipper Snippers. Previous. Honda UMK425 4.5 (61) Honda UMK435 4.3 (38) Stihl FS 94 C-E / FS 94 R-CE 5.0 (12) Shindaiwa 22T 4.2 This is a public forum presenting user opinions on selected products and businesses, and as such the views expressed do not reflect the opinion of. While some version of the chainsaw has existed since 1830 (being either steam-powered or kinetic in nature), Andreas Stihl built the first gas-powered chainsaw in 1929, and then in 1950 built the first single-operator chainsaw. He is rightly considered the father of the modern chainsaw, and his company/factory in Germany was the first to mass-produce chainsaws, being at one time as synonymous. The primer bulb draws fuel into the carburetor to make the engine easier to start. Stihl Spark Plug. Genuine OEM Part # 852 | RC Item # 1863322. Watch Video. $4.29. ADD TO CART. Champion spark plug (RCJ6Y). The spark plug ignites the fuel and air mixture in the engine's cylinder to power the engine. If the spark plug is has fouled (if the tip.

You'll need STIHL 2-Stroke oil, an empty and clean fuel can & fresh unleaded fuel from a reputable petrol station. Mix at 50:1 (20mls oil per 1 litre fuel) when you're using STIHL 2-Stroke oil. Using a fuel stabiliser. To prolong the life of your 2-Stroke fuel mix you can add STIHL fuel stabiliser to extend the fuel's shelf life up to 12. View and download the Manual of Stihl FS 55 Grass Trimmer (page 13 of 168) (German, French, Italian, Dutch). Also support or get the manual by email OutdoorKing Repair Forum Forums Repairs and Maintenance Questions on Trimmers and Brushcutters Two Stroke Trimmers & Brushcutters Stihl FS-51av fuel mix Search Advanced Forum Searc The NEW FS 240 R loop handle brushcutter is a new generation machine featuring stratified scavenging engine technology which reduces fuel consumption by up to 20% and fullfils all emission regulations. fs-131, fs-240, fs-240r, fs-310 Each of these brands have their own pros and cons. FS 240 v

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How to Replace a Broken Shaft on a Stihl Line Trimmer. Stihl line trimmers -- there are over 25 models for commercial and residential use -- all have a flexible shaft, whether or not the drive. Echo is good to go. Stihl for chainsaws, Echo/Shindaiwa for weedeaters. Although I bought my 72 yr old Dad with COPD an Ego and I'm impressed with it. I've got a shindaiwa 262x and it's the best string trimmer I've ever owned and I've owned a pile (several stihl fs110r, 85's, echos and husky's) Cutting and trimming hard-to-reach branches can be a difficult chore if you don't have the right tool. And STIHL pole pruners it easy. Ideal for pruning jobs outside the reach of regular chain saws, they're easy to start, feature tough, dependable engines, and the unique two-piece shaft design makes for easy storage and transport - all for a value price

STIHL Current Promotions. STIHL Catalogue 2021 - Offers valid from 01 April 2021 - 30 June 2021 or while stocks last. Click here to see deals. 2021 STIHL Catalogue. View Catalogue Here (PDF, 8.65 MB Ace Hardware is an authorized Stihl dealer for all your Stihl equipment and product needs. STIHL FS 56 RC-E 16.5 in. Gas Brushcutter Tool Only Select 2 or more products for side-by-side feature comparison. Compare. STIHL KombiMotor KM 131 R Gas Multi-Task System . 5 Reviews $ Free Store Pickup Today. Select 2 or more products for side. **The STIHL FS 91 R is also a 4-stroke, but it runs on 2-stroke fuel (premix) How we tested: For the efficiency test, we used 8 oz. of TruFuel (either 2-stroke or 4-stroke fuel), and we ran the trimmer at Wide Open Throttle (WOT) until they ran out of fuel. Both Ryobi trimmers were the most efficient, running for more than 23 minutes on 8 oz.

Stihl fs450 clutch removal. I posted this over on Arbtalk, but thought it might be worth trying here too. I was using the strimmer today and it very briefly started to vibrate then the head. Every Stihl trimmer that uses a nylon cutting string needs a properly sized replacement string to work. Use string that's too large or long, and the gearbox, drive shaft and engine can get damaged. The overloaded string may also jam up and fuse together inside the spool, which can also lead to damage For additional information, contact STIHL toll-free at (800) 233-4729 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or visit the firm's website at www.stihlusa.com or e-mail to stihlrecall@stihl.us Les notices et manuels proposés par manuels.solutions sont des document électroniques en PDF. Ils sont téléchargeables dans l'espace Téléchargement.. Le manuel utilisateur DEBROUSAILLEUSE STIHL FS ou mode d'emploi décrit les fonctions de l'appareil. Le manuel d'installation ou notice d'installation DEBROUSAILLEUSE STIHL FS donne les instructions pour le mettre en service

World's #1 selling chainsaw brand. Make short work of your Winter firewood with German engineered petrol and battery chainsaws. Only from your local STIHL dealer. View Catalogue Here (PDF, 7.3 MB) View the Range Manuel-Utilisateur STIHL FS 80 Le Mode d'emploi (ou Manuel utilisateur ou Notice d'utilisation) détaille les modes de fonctionnement de l'équipement : précautions avant utilisation, description des commandes et boutons, modes opératoires, les actions à mener en cas de dysfontionnement, les conditions de garantie..

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MSRP $249.95* Now Only $229.95**. Select FS 50 C-E for comparison. FS 50 C-E. 27.2. 4.6 / 10.1. 0.8 / 1.07. MSRP $289.95* Now Only $259.95**. * Dealers may sell for less. Pricing on all chain saws, power tools and accessories will remain in effect until December 31, 2021 Sign up for our newsletter. Name. Emai You can read up on forums these are great saws when assembled correctly and sure beats the genuine price tag by a long shot. $750 cash with 28 bar and chain compared to $1791 tax in at the dealer. The saw has been started and ran for tuning purposes, then cleaned and re inspected. 2020 STIHL FS 111 2020 STIHL FS 111 R 2021 STIHL FS 131. Select a page from the Stihl FC 110 Edger diagram to view the parts list and exploded view diagram. All parts that fit a FC 110 Edger . Pages in this diagram. Carburetor C1Q-S72 (03.2003) Carburetor C1Q-S81 (41.2003) Carburetor C1Q-S88 (03.2006) Carburetor C1Q-S110C (43.2008) Carburetor C1Q-S131. Clutch..