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Closer to the Moon (Romanian: Mai aproape de lună) is a 2013 Romanian-American comedy-drama film written and directed by Nae Caranfil, and starring Vera Farmiga, Mark Strong, Harry Lloyd, Joe Armstrong, Tim Plester, Christian McKay, and Anton Lesser. Based on the true story of the Ioanid Gang, it is one of the most expensive productions in Romanian cinema The latest tweets from @the_moon_close

Linea / Closer to the moon is an iconic restaurant and rooftop bar, famous for its breathtaking view, located in the heart of Bucharest. Open today until 02:00. View Menu Find Table Call 0757 824 298 Get directions Get Quote WhatsApp 0757 824 298 Message 0757 824 298 Contact Us Make Appointment Place Order Linea /Closer to the moon is an iconic restaurant and rooftop bar, famous for its breathtaking view of Bucharest Old Town. You can enjoy our bespoke cocktails & dine on our carefully crafted menus. Take in the views from our rooftop and relax as we take you to the moon Linea / Closer To The Moon, Bucharest, Romania. 56,849 likes · 689 talking about this · 46,120 were here. Linea / Closer to the moon is an iconic restaurant and rooftop bar, famous for its.. If the Moon got much closer, say 20 times closer, it would exert a gravitational force 400 times greater than what we are used to. A mighty tidal bulge would be created, hitting the land and causing great flooding, with cities such as London and New York disappearing under water. When the Moon moves on however, the flooding subsides and the. We are getting closer and closer to the New Moon. by Yasmin Boland | 6 hours ago | Daily Moon

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About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Mystical and delicious, our A Half Mile Closer to the Moon ® cherries are the grand finale to Stemilt's cherry season. They come from places like Amigos Orchards in Wenatchee, WA where cherries grow at elevations of 2,600 feet above sea level and higher, or literally a half mile towards the moon

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  1. s is a physicist at the University of Maine. Calculate that the moon is approaching the center, the tides would be 8 times higher. That is, islands completely underwater, unlikely coasts to be populated. The tidal effect also acts on the surface of the planet. When the moon gets closer, the effect is like hitting a gong with a hammer
  2. The envelope of the curve oscillates between ±0.089% (during conjunction, when Mars is the furthest) and ±0.69% (during opposition). This difference is positive when Earth is closer to Mars than the Moon. During this period (2010-2020), Earth is closest 49.6% of the time. Over a longer period of time, this percentage gets very close to 50%
  3. Super Moon Proves It S Moving Closer To Earth Fm Observer Fargo Moorhead Satire News And Entertainment. This week s full cold moon rises as nasa watches tiny temporary e closer to earth mlive mars is closer to earth in october than it will be for another 15 years close encounter what if the moon orbited much closer to earth supermoon super moon.
  4. Hello and welcome to What Da Math!In this video, we will talk about the history of our moon and our Earth.Patreon page:https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2318196..
  5. In the 2003 Jim Carrey movie Bruce Almighty, Carrey's character suddenly acquires God-like powers, and uses those powers to lasso the full moon and pull it closer to Earth to woo his beloved

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The Ponzo illusion. An Optical Illusion. The simple answer to this question is, no. While the Moon does come closer to our planet during its 29.5-day orbit around the Earth, and while it does sometimes look bigger than usual to a casual observer on Earth, its size does not actually increase. The apparent change in our only natural satellite's size when it is near the horizon is an optical. (The Moon's orbit has a radius of 384,000 km.) I wouldn't say that the Moon is getting closer to the Sun, specifically, though--it is getting farther from the Earth, so, when it's in the part of its orbit closest to the Sun, it's closer, but when it's in the part of its orbit farthest from the Sun, it's farther away

Take a closer look at the complex choreography involved in building NASA's Europa Clipper as the mission to explore Jupiter's moon Europa approaches its 2024 launch date. The hardware that makes up NASA's Europa Clipper spacecraft is rapidly taking shape, as engineering components and instruments are prepared for delivery to the main. Closer to the Moon starts with Virgil(Harry Lloyd, of TV's Manhattan) watching a film shoot of a bank heist in Bucharest in 1959. This inspires him to pursue a career in filmmaking, first as.

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  1. The Moon illusion is the name for this trick our brains play on us. Photographs prove that the Moon is the same width near the horizon as when it's high in the sky, but that's not what we perceive with our eyes. Thus it's an illusion rooted in the way our brains process visual information. Even though we've been observing it for thousands of.
  2. Opening in theaters and VOD April 17thStarring: Mark Strong and Vera FarmigaA band of Romanian freedom fighters pull the crime of the century in this grippin..
  3. 2015 18+ A band of former WWII freedom fighters pull the crime of the century: robbing a bank by making it look like a film shoot. Based on an amazing true story. Vera Farmiga stars. Directors Nae Caranfil Starring Vera Farmiga, Mark.
  4. Closer to the Moon Vera Farmiga (Actor), Mark Strong (Actor), Nae Caranfil (Director) & Rated: Unrated. Format: DVD. 3.5 out of 5 stars 28 ratings. Prime Video $3.99 — $12.99 DVD $19.99 Additional DVD options: Edition Discs Price New from Used from DVD September 15, 2015 Please retry — 1. $19.99 . $17.77.

When the Moon is close, Earth's diameter is a slightly larger fraction of the Earth-Moon separation. This means that the Moon's gravitational pull on the oceans (and Earth's crust) has a greater difference between the point on Earth closest to the Moon's center and the point on Earth diametrically opposite it (the antipode, an-tih-pode) Linea Closer to the Moon. Claimed. Save. Share. 209 reviews #217 of 1,811 Restaurants in Bucharest $$$$ Bar Mediterranean European. Calea Victoriei 17 Sector 3, Bucharest 030023 Romania +40 757 824 298 Website Menu. Closed now : See all hours. All photos (161 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 27, 2021 WENATCHEE, Wash. - Stemilt's BB #:113654 A Half Mile Closer to the Moon cherries are set to make their grand return in August.. Led by fourth generation cherry grower Kyle Mathison, these specialty cherries stand out because of unique growing practices, choice of late-season varieties, and a brand vision to lead the cherry season finale with great. Is moon closer to Earth today? This year, 2021, the moon at its closest point to Earth resides 221,702 miles (356,794 km) away. At this juncture, the moon is said to be at 100% of its closest approach for the year. In 2021, the moon at its farthest point swings out to 252,595 miles (406,512 km) from Earth. What is the Super Worm Moon

Linea / Closer To The Moon, Bucharest, Romania. 56,695 likes · 408 talking about this · 45,999 were here. Linea / Closer to the moon is an iconic restaurant and rooftop bar, famous for its.. Whether the Moon's gravity (roughly one sixth of Earth's) is adequate for this purpose is uncertain. In addition, the Moon is the closest large body in the Solar System to Earth. While some Earth-crosser asteroids occasionally pass closer, the Moon's distance is consistently within a small range close to 384,400 km. This proximity has several. A Closer View of the Moon. Posted to Twitter by @Astro_Alex, European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst, this image shows our planet's Moon as seen from the International Space Station. As he said in the tweet, By orbiting the Earth almost 16 times per day, the #ISS crew travel the distance to the Moon and back - every day. #Horizons We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us

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In the year 2021, the moon will swing to its farthest point from Earth on May 11, 2021, and then will come closest to Earth on December 4, 2021 The Supermoon on November 14, 2016, was the closest a Full Moon has been to Earth since January 26, 1948. The next time a Full Moon is even closer to Earth will be on November 25, 2034 (dates based on UTC time). How can Full Moon be in the daytime? Moonrise is the best time to view the Moon, weather permitting, of course. At this time, illusion. The term harvest moon refers to the full, bright Moon that occurs closest to the start of autumn. The name dates from the time before electricity, when farmers depended on the Moon's light to harvest their crops late into the night. The Moon's light was particularly important during fall, when harvests are the largest

This Road Will Take Us Closer to the Moon is a life in stories, the life of Margaret Mackenzie, a woman whom the reader comes to love. Weaving back and forth across the years, these stories invite us in, they tell us secrets, whisper mysteries, allowing us to know and feel deep joy, distinct sorrow, the silliness and rich meaning, in the living of one precious lifetime Occasionally, the Moon will actually pass in front of and hide a star or planet. Such an event is known as an occultation. Here is a list of dates when the Moon may be seen close to a bright planet or star. 2021. April 2: Antares. April 6: Saturn. April 7: Jupiter. April 15: Aldebaran. April 17: Mars The Moon Is 1/400th The Size Of The Sun And 400x Closer.A Coincidence? August 9, 2017. August 3, 2020. Science. Scientists say that the odds of this happening else where in the universe is about 1 In 1 Billionth chance! And what's more, there is no apparent physical reason why this has to be the case. Is it only an interesting coincidence. No the moon came from outside our solar system. But did come relatively close. You need to listen to the ancients rather modern science that dreams up scenarios that have no reality. The Mara Unduk tale: The Mara Unduk story The story of Mani the. Moreover, if the Moon was even closer and had even stronger gravitational pull, it would cause far more destructive and powerful tidal phenomena. The difference between low tide and high tide would be higher, and large tidal waves, depending on the distance of the Moon, would probably cause devastating floods

A supermoon occurs when a full moon coincides with the Moon's closest approach to Earth in its elliptical orbit, a point known as perigee. During every 27-day orbit around Earth, the Moon reaches both its perigee, about 226,000 miles (363,300 km) from Earth, and its farthest point, or apogee, about 251,000 miles (405,500 km) from Earth The Moon phase for today is a Waning Crescent phase. This is the phase where the moon is less than 50% illuminated but has not yet reached 0% illumination (which would be a New Moon). In this part of the moon cycle, it is getting closer and closer to the Sun as viewed from Earth and the night side of the Moon is facing earth with a decreasingly thin crescent being illuminated The simulations also imply that at the time of its formation, the Moon sat much closer to the Earth - a mere 22,500km (14,000 miles) away, compared with the quarter of a million miles (402,336 km.

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  1. The Moon probably couldn't have formed closer than 3 Earth radii because tidal forces from the Earth would just pull it apart again, and it is unlikely that the impact could have ejected material further than 5 Earth radii. It's not a totally easy questions to answer though as it depends a lot on the (unknown) details of the impact and how the.
  2. The closest perigee and most distant apogee of the year are marked with ++ if closer in time to full Moon or -- if closer to new Moon. Other close-to-maximum apogees and perigees are flagged with a single character, again indicating the nearer phase. Following the flags is the interval between the moment of perigee or apogee and the.
  3. But if we bring the Moon in really close, suddenly one side of the Earth is a lot closer to the Moon than the other: The Earth's near side is 2,158 kilometers from the Moon's center, and the.
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High tides do not coincide with the location of the moon. Tides originate in the ocean and progress toward the coastlines, where they appear as the regular rise and fall of the sea surface. Thanks to Sir Isaac Newton's 1687 discovery, we know that tides are very long-period waves that move through the ocean in response to forces exerted by the moon and sun. However, these gravitational. Closer to the Moon Lyrics: Sydney says that nothing is just anything / She doesn't like to use the word when she prays / I guess trusting is the hardest part of having faith / It's dangerous to. A super moon is a name given to a full (or new) moon that occurs when the moon is in perigee - or closest to the earth - and it is the moon's proximity to earth that results in its brighter and. When the full moon is a little bit closer to us than usual, it appears especially large and bright in the sky. Supermoons Between four and seven times a year, Earth, Moon and Sun line up just right to create the cosmic-scale shadow show known as an eclipse Now the effect will be reversed and the Earth will drag on the Moon, pulling it steadily closer. After a long time (perhaps a few hundred billion years), the Moon would spiral in so close that it.

Linea / Closer To The Moon, Bucharest, Romania. 56,942 likes · 443 talking about this · 46,291 were here. Linea / Closer to the moon is an iconic restaurant and rooftop bar, famous for its.. Nepal & India these two are having the the highest peak of mountains on earth so yes these two nations are closest to moon but the distance between Earth and Moon is 384,400km average (this term is very important) so a mere 8-9 km mountain is defi.. As the moon gets closer to full on Feb. 7, the terminator moves closer to the edge of the moon, and it gets harder to see detail. As noted above, the full moon is literally a washout with a.

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  1. This time I saw the normal moon higher in the sky and the larger moon closer to the horizon and going down again while the other moon wasn't moving. I tried to show it to other tourists but it seemed they either don't see it or they don't care. Clara Benites on May 11, 2020: This was a great information
  2. The Moon's closest approach to Earth is called its perigee, and a full Moon at or close to perigee is called a supermoon. More technically, it's also known as a perigee syzygy. The opposite.
  3. Closer to the Moon, a fictionalized tale about a weird chapter in Romanian history, tries hard to slap a smiley face on a calamity. In 1959, a group of formerly true-believing Romanian.
  4. The moon approached the Earth at its closest distance in 2021 - this phenomenon is called a supermoon.. Supermoon is the moment when the full moon approaches the Earth at a distance of closer than 362 thousand kilometers. In this case, the moments of the passage of perigee, that is, the point of the orbit closest to the Earth, and the full moon are separated in time by no more than three days
  5. Half of the moon's 18.6-year cycle creates lower high tides and higher low tides; the other creates higher high tides and even lower low tides. We're getting closer and closer to the flooding.
  6. Closer to the Moon. $4.99. Rent. Overview System Requirements Related. Available on. HoloLens PC Mobile device Xbox 360 Trailer. Description. A band of Romanian freedom fighters pull the crime of the century in this gripping heist film based on an incredible true story. Bucharest, 1959: with anti-Semitism on the rise, a group of Jewish WWII.

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With the Moon coming closer and closer, the Earth rotation would speed up, our days would become shorter and shorter, global temperatures would go down and no one would worry about climate change anymore. Unless asteroids burned the Earth to ashes, then there would be no one to worry about anything. In fact, the Moon is drifting away from us at. The first European device to land on the moon this decade will be a drill and sample analysis package, and the teams behind it are one step closer to flight as part of Russia's Luna-27 mission Which statement explains what would most likely happen if the moon were closer to Earth? The tides would be higher. Use the drop-down menus to choose the correct answers about tides and phases of the moon. Earth sees a full moon in _____. Neap tide occurs in _____

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This will be the year's first supermoon, meaning the moon is slightly closer to Earth and therefore appears bigger and brighter in the sky. The Worm supermoon is the fourth brightest moon of 2021. Early in Earth's history, the Moon was even closer to Earth. Billions of years ago, the Moon was 10 times closer and tides were 1000 times higher. Scientists believe that these extreme tides occurred once every three hours because the Earth was spinning more rapidly. The tides eroded the coastal areas, adding minerals to the oceans Either way, the Strawberry Moon will be closer to us than the average full moon and will appear slightly larger. This is the final time a full moon will coincide with supermoon timing this year.

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Closer.to.the.Moon.2014.1080p.WEBRip.x265-RARBG.mp4 (1.75 GB) RARBG.txt (30 bytes) RARBG_DO_NOT_MIRROR.exe (99 bytes) 2_English.srt (116.15 KB) 3_English.srt (128.06 KB Closer to the Moon is an unremarkable reenactment of a remarkable story. Full Review | Original Score: 3.5/10 Susan Granger SSG Syndicate. April 20, 2015 A provocative, darkly comedic, absurdist. I liked the look of Closer To The Moon when I read about its background. It recounts the story of a real Soviet-era Romanian propaganda movie from 1959, which was interesting in that it was a bank. The value of the reported distance might be somewhat inaccurate around the times of closest approach for objects passing extremely close to Earth. Closest approach of The Moon to Earth Between January 2013 and December 2100, the closest approach of The Moon to Earth happens on Sun Nov 26 2034 at a distance of 0.002383 Astronomical Units, or.

Nationalgeographic.co.id—The 2003 film Bruce Almighty starring Jim Carrey.He plays a character who suddenly gains God-like power. By using that power he binds Month full moon and pulled it closer to Earth to seduce her lover. Later in the film there is a background scene showing a TV news report about an unprecedented worldwide flood So if you measure from the moon, Chimborazo is 1.5 miles closer than Everest. By this standard, a lot of what we think about the world changes. For example, the Dead Sea (the lowest point on land on earth) is further from the core of the earth than Mt. McKinley, the highest point in North America Billionaire closer to mining the moon for trillions of dollars in riches. Moon Express, the first private company in history to receive government permission to travel beyond Earth's orbit. November Supermoon a Spectacular Sight. The moon is a familiar sight in our sky, brightening dark nights and reminding us of space exploration, past and present. But the upcoming supermoon — on Monday, Nov. 14 — will be especially super because it's the closest full moon to Earth since 1948. We won't see another supermoon like. AN ASTEROID zoomed by Earth at a closer distance to our planet than the Moon, according to astronomers who noticed the passing of the small space rock. By Sean Martin PUBLISHED: 16:07, Tue, Jun 1.

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In highly alarming news from NASA's Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), asteroid hunters have identified a 'potentially hazardous' asteroid due to pass Earth in September at a paltry distance of 71,805km - just one-fifth of the distance between us and the Moon (384,399km) Closer to the Moon. The Marketplace: Sell your Script ! Get listed in the most prominent screenplays collection on the web! Sell your Screenplay ». Linea occupies a privileged position at the top of the Victoria store, above the busy Old Town, and it makes good use of it. The contemporary design highlights the broad, marble floored space, the staff is friendly and sharp, and the menu reunites some popular international classics. The wood barbeque is a star here, for proper grilled meats and sides such as beef with brown mushrooms, or duck. A closer moon is one of the scenarios explored in Neal F. Comins's What If the Moon Didn't Exist?. His scenario was Earth with the moon being 1/4 as far away (about 100,000 km). These were the effects: 1) The moon would appear four times larger in the sky (that sounds like it would roughly fulfill your requirement) Closer to the Moon offers an absurdist take on a real event: an audacious 1959 bank robbery carried out by high-ranking Jewish members of the Romanian Communist Party, who pretended they were.

At any moment during the Moon's 27.3 day orbit around Earth, half of the Moon is lit by the Sun and half is in darkness, just as half of Earth is lit by the Sun at any point during the day. The only part of the Moon we can observe from Earth, however, is its near side, which is the side of the Moon that faces Earth Linea Closer To The Moon Breakfast from opening till' 2PM Rooftop Closer to the Moon: M-T: 12:00 - 22:00 F-S: 10:00 - 22:00 Restaurant Linea - everyday - 12:00 - 22:00 booklinea.m

These tides used to be far more extreme when the moon was closer to the planet, but have diminished over the past 4 billion years as the moon orbits ever further away. The moon has also slowed down the spin of the Earth in a major way over the past few million millennia. Rather than having 6-12 hours in a day, as was likely the case in those. At present, the Moon gets 3.8 cm further away from Earth every year, and it was much closer to Earth in prehistoric times. But the Moon's outward spiral is dwindling as its distance from Earth decreases and its tidal forces get weaker. This alone should be enough to prevent our satellite from ever leaving orbit around Earth completely without. Adam Evans/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 2.0. Ross 248 is about 10.3 light-years from Earth in the constellation Andromeda. It was also cataloged by Frank Elmore Ross. The star is actually moving so fast through space that in about 36,000 years, it will actually take over the title as the closest star to Earth (besides our Sun) for about 9,000 years When the moon is closer to Earth, it moves in its orbit more rapidly than average. So, it is moving through the Earth's shadow at a quicker pace. In addition, during late spring and early summer. One step closer to prospecting the Moon. The first European device to land on the Moon this decade will be a drill and sample analysis package, and the teams behind it are one step closer to flight as part of Russia's Luna-27 mission. The main goal of the Luna-27 lander is to study the composition of the soil near the lunar south pole

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Knowing the moon's true diameter (1/4 that of the earth), we can use its measured angular diameter (half a degree) to determine its distance. Qualitatively, the idea is this: For a given true size, a larger angular diameter would mean that the moon must be closer; whereas a smaller angular diameter would mean that the moon must be farther away Huge asteroid flying closer to Earth than the Moon - Watch The asteroid 2021 EQ3 will pass closest above us at about 9:45 p.m. Monday night, at a distance of around 278,000 kilometers - 72% of. Earth's moon is the brightest object in our night sky. It appears quite large, but that is only because it is the closest celestial body. The moon is a bit more than one-fourth (27 percent) the. The Moon, OUR Moon, is moving on to brighter horizons. We used to be much closer when we were younger and time seemed to fly by much faster. In fact, 620 million years ago, a day was only 21 hours.

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5. The Sun and the Moon are not the same size. From Earth, both the Sun and the Moon look about same size. This is because, the Moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun, but also 400 times closer to Earth. 6. The Moon is drifting away from the Earth. The Moon is moving approximately 3.8 cm away from our planet every year. 7 The moon's mass is smaller than the mass of Earth (about 80 times smaller) but it still has gravity. This is why, as the Earth rotates, the area closest to the moon experiences its gravitational pull. You might be wondering: But if we rotate past the moon only once a day, how is it that we have two high tides per day? Great question Ecuador's Mount Chimborazo is the closest to the moon, and technically the highest point on Earth. MUST READ Largest Desert in the World is Not the Sahara When measured from sea level Mount Everest's elevation is 8,848 m (29,029 ft), while Mount Chimborazo's elevation is 6,268 m (20,564 ft), a total difference of 2580 m (8465 ft) in.

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With the Moon coming closer, Earth's rotation would speed up. Our days would become shorter and shorter. Global temperatures would go down, nobody would worry about climate change anymore. Unless asteroids burned the Earth to a crisp. Then there would be no one to worry about anything. I really wouldn't worry about it anyway The Moon will be closer to the horizon, making it appear larger. The fact that it's in perigee will also add to the luminous effect. To see the super strawberry moon, you'll want to get. When the Moon lines up on the opposite side of Earth from the Sun, we see a full moon. The new moon phase occurs when the Moon and the Sun are lined up on the same side of Earth. The Moon doesn't orbit in a perfect circle. Instead, it travels in an ellipse that brings the Moon closer to and farther from Earth in its orbit Asteroid whizzing by Earth six times closer than the moon. A newly discovered space rock the size of a truck makes the closest pass-by Earth of any asteroid since last September Tonight's Moon 7th April 2021 - What's new to view? A closer look at the moon. 0. Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Pinterest. WhatsApp. RELATED ARTICLES MORE FROM AUTHOR. Earth. Earth From Space At Night - From The UK to Kazakhstan (Portrait Version) Mercury. Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Completes 9th Flight! New Mars Images and Vide

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‎Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews, and buy Closer to the Moon directed by Nae Caranfil for $12.99 Follow Follow @the_moon_closer Following Following @the_moon_closer Unfollow Unfollow @the_moon_closer Blocked Blocked @the_moon_closer Unblock Unblock @the_moon_closer Pending Pending follow request from @the_moon_closer Cancel Cancel your follow request to @the_moon_close So we can assume that the tides were stronger when the moon was young and closer to the planet. As the moon rapidly receded early in its history, the tides will have become weaker and the. And when the poor Moon saw that he was coming closer and closer to the deep hole, further and further from the path, she was so mad and so sorry that she struggled and fought and pulled harder than ever to get free. She twisted and turned till her black hood fell back off her shining yellow hair, and its beautiful light drove away the darkness..

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