Marmorino KS is made of well seasoned hydrated lime putty, fine marble powders, and is a perfect mineral undercoat for Era Veneziana plaster or Mirror Stucco. Natural lime plasters represent Marmorino KS's most suitable substrate, since the product reacts chemically with them, building up a unique body able to preserve the lime coating. Marmorino contains natural limestone, powdered marble and fine sand. Applied thicker than Veneziano, it can be applied smooth or in a more textured fashion. Applied with subtle color variation, Marmorino is a very popular finish that can be applied with a relatively matte to low sheen depending on technique

Marmorino Venetian Plasters USA Inc, New York is a group of dedicated professional Italian plaster applicators, decorative stucco installers and fine polished plaster company. We provide the highest quality in traditional authentic lime based finish applications and installations and continuously strive for the ultimate in client satisfaction, excellence and beauty in all our projects and. Marmorino Tools is always working to improve their tools so that together we can continue to revolutionize and provide space for exotic Venetian design in modern interior decorating. Venetian plaster has graced Kings and survived volcanic disaster. Older than the Romans, there is evidence of its use as far back 7,500 years ago.. Marmorino KS is a lime-based plaster coat for smoothing and finishing with a satin effect for interiors and exteriors; it is made of well seasoned hydrated lime putty, fine marble powders, and rheologic modifiers which guarantee a perfect workability Marmorino Metallic Bronze. Bronze Metallic Marmorino is an evolution of the Golden Marmorino with black and red pigments. It can have a lot of different tones. Watch the video on how to apply Metallic Marmorino - Bronz

Marmorino Depot offers high-quality Venetian plaster materials to the clients worldwide, as well as serving as a center for education and innovation. Customers can also come to Marmorino Depot for educational workshops on Venetian Plastering, or simply come in for advice and technical support about decorating with Marmorino Venetian plaster Finishing trowels, spatulas, special textures rolls and all the tools for interior decoration, new and artistic, suitable for every surface and plaster, to achieve the finest and astonishing resul Marmorino Classico is a traditional Italian decoration product made from lime, marble dust and water that achieves a smooth satin finish with a subtle visual texture. This is a product found throughout Italy in palazzos and old homes. It is now used as a modern finish in high end restaurants, shops and luxury homes. true luxury product

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Marmorino Palladinoâ„¢ can be used as a finish coat for interior and exterior walls, ceilings, and many other architectural details. Primarily applied to concrete, block, plaster and gypsum board substrates, the product can also be used to beautify most other smooth-surfaced materials. Palladinoâ„¢ is available in 1, 5 and 20 Kg sizes Marmorino Tintorettoâ„¢ is a natural lime and marble dust paste, which is used as an interior and exterior decorative wall plaster. Tintorettoâ„¢ is a contemporary version of the traditional smooth Italian stucco which is known for its warmth and dramatic appearance. A wide range of textures can be achieved with Tintorettoâ„¢ including marble. Finishes - Marmorino Venetian Plaster. Marmorino Venetian Plasters USA Inc, New York offers the following sample selection of fine finishes that are mostly a combination of more than one of our products and all are custom produced by. Some have additives such as crushed Terra Cotta, various colored marble additives and mica powders and are. Marmorino. Marmorino is a lime-based finish coating, containing hydrated lime putty and fine marble powders. Depending on the application technique, a wide range of finishes can be obtained: from the basic, natural monolithic stone finish, to many different textured finishes

Marmorino is introduced to create wall finishes with more variation of textures and depths. Vasari Marmorino adopted the Venetian wall plaster formula used back in mid-15th century. The interior wall finish of famous Louvre Museum in Paris uses the same formula as Marmorino. Material Content: Slaked lime, finely ground marble dust and fine. Marmorino Tools XTROWEL Venetian Plaster Trowel - Special Low Friction Steel Will Not Leave Black Streaks On White Plaster, Microcement or Resin (200x80mm) 4.6 out of 5 stars. 10. $67.95. $67. . 95. $10.58 shipping. Only 7 left in stock - order soon

Marmorino Tools offer the very best, high quality Venetian plaster tools for application of fine finnish plaster and lime plaster work. All products sold are of the very highest quality, trade tested and guaranteed to provide the very best results in the market. Featured Products Learn how to apply the Traditional Venetian Polished Plaster. Video by Stucco Italiano S.r.l.Visit us at www.stuccoitaliano.co

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  1. iscent of the stone walls of the old buildings and features a finish very similar to that of the plaster of the traditional Venetian houses
  2. Marmorino's versatility to be used for external or internal decoration and in humid areas gives it an advantage over Scagliola. It is the one material that can be used throughout a home: it can be finished in different style finishes matte, satin polished, bas relief, graffito, sculpture, painted, fresco & gilded..
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  4. Marmorino Veneziano is a type of plaster or stucco.It is based on calcium oxide and used for interior and exterior wall decorations. Marmorino plaster can be finished via multiple techniques for a variety of matte, satin, and glossy final effects
  5. Marmorino KS is a lime-based plaster coat for smoothing and finishing with a satin effect for interiors and exteriors; it is made of well seasoned hydrated lime putty, fine marble powders, and rheologic modifiers which guarantee a perfect workability. Marmorino KS permits to achieve cloudy esthetic effects with soft and vibrant shades or.

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  1. CALCHERA MARMORINO (low shine and no trowel marks finish) $120.00. Size. 20kg (4gal) 10kg (2gal) 5kg (1gal) 1 qt. 20kg (4gal) - $220.00 10kg (2gal) - $120.00 5kg (1gal) - $65.00 1 qt - $25.00. FRESCO MARMORINO CALCHÈRA Marmorino premixed, ready to use lime paste, contains of marble powders... View full product details →
  2. Makers of Lime Plaster, Lime Paint, Marmorino, Tadelakt, Venetian Plaster, Polished Plaster and Italian Plaster natural wall finish products. Available in any texture, sheen or color. For interiors, exteriors and showers. For both commercial and residential projects. Made in California, USA, shipped worldwide
  3. Shop Marmorino Toolsâ„¢ X - Venetian Plaster Finishing Trowel at Firenzecolor starting from just $62.00. Firenzecolor is the largest supplier of Venetian Plasters and Decorative Coatings in the USA. We carry the best products including the tools that are used to apply them
  4. Marmorino Classico is a masonry covering that can be applied on interior and exterior surfaces. Marmorino Classico was the perfect choice for these external steps as it creates a rather thick coat offering outdoor resistance and featuring a high level of permeability and natural mildew resistance

Marmorino uses mature lime putty that has been slaked for a minimum of twelve months in underground pits and processed until it is a pure, creamy, highly workable mature lime putty. Slaked lime imparts brilliance, hardness, workability, moisture resistance, durability and sheen to Marmorino Marmorino KS is a trowel on seasoned hydrated lime-based finish made of natural organic lime putties, fine marble powder and earths. Linseed oil and rheological modifiers ensure high flowing workability. Marmorino KS is formulatedin whole respect for traditional and historical recipes. Marmorino KS mineral plaster creates aesthetic cloudy. Free Shipping On eBa StucoLuxâ„¢ Marmorino is a decorative, easy soft sheen polishing mineral based plaster. A creamy, fine sandy but smooth material, it glides on easily across any substrate. StucoLuxâ„¢ Marmorino has very good interior and exterior durability and provides beautiful undulations of color depth in the final finish. Sold in quarts, gallons, and 5 gallon Marmorino by La Calce Del Brenta - Bianco. On sale from $18 Sale View. Novacolor. Marmorino KS. From $15 View. Cebos. CEBOART Marmorino. From $55 View. La Calce Del Brenta. Vivaldi Assolo - Marmorino. From $55 View. Novacolor. Teodorico Marble Plaster with Metallic Flakes.

MARMORINO, it gives excellent protection from moisture, dust and enhances the colour, design and gives an extra shine on the surface. In exterior, after 2-3 days from the last coat, protect the plaster with suitable silane/siloxane solvent-based water repellent sealer, which will highly improve resistance to water, acid rains and dirt pick-. MARMORINO CLASSICO represents a noble touch to the rooms that gives the flavor of the past.Outdoor it creates a coating, with great material beauty, reminiscent of the stone walls of the old buildings and features a finish very similar to that of the plaster of the traditional Venetian houses Stucco Marmorino is a pure lime plaster, produced according to the Italian recipe for silk matt or silk gloss coatings, depending on the final treatment. The difference to Stucco Veneziano is the grain strength of the marble flour. This gives the Marmorino a Mediterranean, cloudy appearance and Stucco Veneziano has a pronounced marbling and.

Marmorino Palladino can be used as a finish coat for interior and exterior walls, ceilings, and many other architectural details. Primarily applied to concrete, block, plaster and gypsum board substrates, the product can also be used to beautify most other smooth-surfaced materials. Palladino is available in 1, 5 and 20 Kg sizes Soap, wax and 2K-sealer are important additional products for Stucco Veneziano and Marmorino. They care for, protect and refine the walls. For use on floors, in wet rooms, in kitchens and bathrooms and basically on all smooth, mineral surfaces. Here you can buy soap and wax. Here you will find 2-component sealants including accessories and tools Marmorino is recognized internationally as being one of the highest quality plasters on the marketplace today. The surface of the Marmorino finish is a polished plaster finish that is glossy and reflective with lots of depth while maintaining a smooth feel, with low VOC - making it the best venetian plaster

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Lisa Marmorino is a Beverly Hills based Wardrobe Stylist and Image Consultant who works with clients to recreate their personal brand in Southern California, from New York to WORLDWIDE. Lisa can overhaul or merely tweak your wardrobe making monthly updates or seasonal changes to your style, Or, perhaps just help you find the perfect outfit for. Description. MARMORINO TOOLS small SAHARA TROWEL. 240mm slightly smaller than the original. A Textured Trowel to create amazing shapes on your walls and ceilings, Made in Italy. The jagged teeth edges when applying your finish can create the look of the Sahara desert hence the name sahara. With the help and expertise from Master.

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Marmorino Plaster Marmorino polished plaster finish has a semi-shine offering a sense of depth with some natural shade variations whilst being serene to the touch. It is possible to achieve a finish with little or no background movements. Creating a luxurious feel to any space. Marmorino Hydro. Tadelakt Moroccan Lime Plaster. Stucco Travertino. We Take Care Of The Product. Atova International combines beauty and elegance to the solidity of ancient crafts, including through the protection of the environment using natural lime mixed with marble dust and stones with the property that only the man with the experience of. Marmorino is a coarse, aggregate, aged-lime paste plaster that is a result of the combination of lime putty, marble flour, and washed sea sand. The name Marmorino derives from the Italian word for marble. The installed product can range from an extremely rough, matte, crackled finish to a smooth, high sheen leathery feeling finish. The color of the Marmorino can range from uniform to. Lady Design Marmorino is a high quality limestone paint that replicates the true stone finish and gives your interior the noble touch of the old plaster. With highly versatile application methods you can recreate some of the most iconic designs. Lady Design Marmorino comes in a beautiful selection of 47 colors and helps you recreate iconic designs Marmorino Floor. Powder compound of selected marble powders and hydraulic binders, to be mixed with a special floor resin, designed as a walkable finish with a smooth effect or, by mixing it with Intonachino Floor in equal parts, a materic effect. Technical chart. Safety sheet. Certification

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  1. Marmorino Antico 300. Marmorino Classico 500. MOMA. Marmorino Matt Madraperla. Marmorino Matt 600.
  2. Marmorino Intonaco a marmorino è un tipo d'intonaco antichissimo composto di grassello di calce e polvere di marmo o pietra d'Istria.E' applicato in più mani in spessori molto sottili, schiacciando il materiale subito dopo la stesura con frattazzo metallico, oggi si usano frattazzi in acciaio inox
  3. Stucco Italiano produces and sells fine finishes for interior and exterior walls and floors. We offer the best Italian artistic tradition in decorative building finishes, as well as luxurious modern solutions. Nearly all wall products have an ecological version which are entirely chemical-free. These version go back to antique recipes made with.
  4. Marmorino Supreme Mood Board Set. Our hand-applied Marmorino Supreme Mood Board Set contains 15 stunning colours. These Marmorino Supreme samples have been applied by our expert technicians in-house on 2 coats to show off the beautiful glossy finish of this material in all the different colours in the standard range

Part 1: Applying Marmorino Plaster Bob discusses the custom wall finish with Jonas Everets of Jonas Everets Design. The plaster Mr. Everets is using to cover the kitchen walls in the top-floor. Marmorino Floor. Natural Decorative Finish for Floor. The recipe for Marmorino Floor comes from an antique recipe, Pastellone Veneziano. Pastellone was, in fact, the application of Classic Venetian Marmorino onto floors Marmorino Veneziano is a kind of stucco or plaster. It consists of calcium oxide and is mainly used for exterior and interior wall decorations in buildings. Marmorino plasters can be finished in various ways for a wide range of final effects that come in glossy, satin and matte. Its use can be traced right back to the Roman era

Marmorino Satin Romabio Marmorino Satin is a flat to satin sheen that provides a beautiful finish that highlights the details and beauty of natural stone. Composed of medium-fine grain marble aggregate, it gives the applicator artistic freedom to create a light and subtle effect or more formal, glossy finish Clásico revestimiento exterior mineral, a base de cal aérea y polvo de mármol, petrificable con la acción CO2, de acabado liso ó rústico, que permite efectos decorativos como el clásico efecto marmorino e imitaciones al mármol, mediante estucados a llana con matices de un mismo tono o combinaciones con Grasello Marmorino Berlina. Berlina is the perfect product for the smooth finish that has the versatility to stay matte or can be burnished to a glossy sheen. You can also control the movement to your desired effect with the amount of trowel passes on the product. You will need a Le. Suggested Coats: We recommend at least 2 coats or more for best results Marmorino with fine grain marble for creating luxurious Limestone like wall surfaces. Can also be used as a Base Coat for our La Calce Del Brenta Rasatura Satin Venetian Plaster. For interior applications only. Calculator placeholder BOYSEN ® Marmorino™ is a lime-based, decorative marble finish that can be used on interior wall surfaces. Its watertight and antibacterial properties also make it ideal for luxury bathrooms and damp areas. The smooth, low-luster finish blended with gentle light contrasts create a sense of depth and exquisite detail to modern day walls

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  1. Services. We offer a wide range of plasters and finishes, from Grassello, Venetian, Marmorino, Travertino, Tadelakt and more, with which the artisan can create a multitude of effects such as high polish, satin, matte, coarse, and pitted. Having Dimensions' wide variety of materials available is a tremendous resource for artisans, designers.
  2. Discover short videos related to marmorino tools on TikTok. Watch popular content from the following creators: sherjan876(@sherdecor), sherjan876(@sherdecor), Gian Carlo Sagasti(@exoticwallfinishes), Gian Carlo Sagasti(@exoticwallfinishes), sherjan876(@sherdecor) . Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #marmorinotools, #tormolinos, #supermariotoys, #tomariporos, #mariomotor, #stomario, #.
  3. 2824 Marmorino Frattonato: 2831 Fresco Marmorino Frattonato: 2832 Fresco Marmorino Frattonato: 2833 Fresco Marmorino Frattonato: 2834 Fresco Marmorino Frattonato: 2854 Marmorino Rigato: 2901 Marmorino Spatolato: 2902 Marmorino Spatolato: 2903 Marmorino Spatolato: 2951 Marmorino Effecto Legno: 4601 Marmo Cristallino: 11205 Marmorino Perlato Oro.
  4. Marmorino Floor is a product compound of selected powders of marble, lime and additives which allow easy processing, and is an excellent anchorage to the support. The Marmorino Floor, already in use several centuries ago in ancient Palladian villas is now again at the Colorificio Veneziano, using modern production technologies that ensure high.
  5. Marmorino. Ebony. 312035 | Wallpaper by Zoffany. Discover The Collection. close Added To Cart. Marmorino. 312034. Explore brands from Sanderson Design Group. Our Story Our Collections Design Books Delivery Service Collaborate with us Contact Us Where to Buy
  6. mithos lux marmorino MITHOS LUX is a thin-layer finishing and levelling paste based on lime putty, natural earth pigments, micronized marble, adhesion improvers and special additives. After application the product reacts with carbon dioxide of the air generating microcrystalline calcium carbonate

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  1. erals paint that gives a soft stone finish. Features and benefits This product gives your interior the noble touch of the old polished plaster. With highly versatile application methods, you can recreate some of the most iconic designs. Recommended us
  2. Marmorino. 120 likes · 2 were here. Sinds 1998 zijn wij gespecialiseerd in glasafwerking , kitten, schilderen en sausen. Sinds 2007 zijn wij gespecialiseerd in Marmorino Italiaans Stucwerk
  3. eral stucco with selected marble fillers and rheological modifiers that ensure high workability. MARMORINO CLASSIC is recommended for the decoration of prestigious interior walls and exterior facades for creating natural polished marble surface.The natural lime component in.
  4. Marmorino Piattoâ„¢ is applied directly onto any surface but is designed for smooth surfaces. We suggest our products are always applied to a surface that has been properly prepared with a primer. FirmoLuxâ„¢ suggest using either Anchor Primerâ„¢ or MicroPrimerâ„¢ under Marmorino Piattoâ„¢
  5. eral coating product in paste form with high chemical resistance for internal and external surfaces, according to DIN 18363 Standards. Consistency: paste. Colour: white or various colours using the ColorMap® automatic colouring system. Density (EN ISO 2811-1) (g/cm³): approx.

Marmorino Tools Brasil, Indaiatuba. 697 likes · 2 talking about this. Com muito orgulho, o primeiro distribuidor no Brasil do equipamento original Marmorino Tools, top de Made in Italy para decoração.. Marmorino is an easy-to-use lime render for exclusive lime works on smooth surfaces in the interior. For fascinating surfaces with the silk-shine, lustre and deep transparency of polished stone. SKU: 988.1 Category: Render - and Spatulatechniques Tag: Vegan. To dealerlist. Description. Application Welcome to loggiaproducts.com, we our Venetian Plaster Uk Suppliers of loggia products imported from Italy, Based in Southport, Merseyside. Here you will find our products ranging from stone effect to high polish finishes, and all primers and sealers needed to apply from start to finish. We have An extensive selection of Italian products. Prehaps our most versatile product, Marmorino is a 100% pure lime-based plaster with Carrera rounded marble sand of 300 microns. The rounded marble makes it easy to apply. This product has been used since the 15th century and applicators can achieve a luxurious finish with polished, unpolished, aged, or contemporary stone effect. Marmorino can be [ What is the difference between marmorino and Venetian plaster? Meoded's Marmorino Tintoretto is a lime based plaster used for both interior and exterior designs giving an elegant matte finish compared to the traditional shiny Venetian plaster. The plaster is now used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of interiors not only in Europe, but also in [

CARRARA MARMORINO. Carrara Marmorino is a medium-grain polished plaster composed of crushed marble and lime putty, allowing it to be tinted to a myriad of colours and create many textures. Cadoro Marmorino is naturally mildew resistant. The surface is smooth and semi-gloss in sheen, with soft transitions of lighter and darker shading, providing. Whether you need Marmorino finish, Venetian plaster, epoxy flooring, or any other type of wall covering, or flooring work done, you can count on our experienced, licensed, and insured team in New York City to get the job done. We're dedicated to providing our customers with the quality of service they deserve for the beautiful home they want. Was $149.95 - Now $119.95. Atova International is a nationwide distributer for Imported Venetian Plaster Products and custom wall and ceiling finishes. Created from the highest quality materials Italy has to offer, these finishes are versatile and durable enough to be used in all types of settings. With an infinite color palette, the. 112IN-Stainless steel Japanese spatula. 112IN-Stainless steel Japanese spatula. $21.64. Buy Now. 7200-Stainless steel, mirror-polished spatula. 7200-Stainless steel, mirror-polished spatula. $22.00. Buy Now. Classic Venetian Plaster (Marmorino Classic) 24kg Call for pricing Shop No. 5, Vega Center, Near Income Tax Office, Shankarsheth Road, Swargate, Pune 411037, Maharashtra India. Phone:+91 20 2445 2133 / +91 20 6520 1998 Mobile:+91 98231 33798 / +91 98233 23877 Email:info@colour-magic.in shreechem1@yahoo.co.in Web:www.colour-magic.i

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Marmorino Velvet with wax. Once it is completely dry, it can be given a distinctive color using our water-based bees' wax (Natural Wax). If a naturally tinted bees' wax is used on a dark-coloured Velvet Marmorino, the small pits and scratches on the surface will take on a white color since the wax is naturally light-colored Marmorino. A wide range of finishes from a smooth tonal classic finish to a surface of a monolithic stone, from a directional dragged/striated finish to a pitted, bush-hammered or honed rustic appearance. Variations are also achieved by combining the finishes with glazes, metallic elements of waxes and glitter. CALL 65-9620 6575 Venetian plaster Los Angeles will serve you the best varieties of plaster finishes for your homes. From the outright dazzling, to the subtler tones and the more asymmetrical and uneven strokes here you will get the best Italian plasters for your architectural space.. Whether it is a regular Venetian plaster or a Marmorino plaster, we ensure that each design and plaster finish gives you a rich. MATERIAL TYPE: PORCELAIN FINISH: POLISHED AVAILABLE OPTIONS FORMAT THICKNESS SIZE PRICE LEVEL AVAILABILITY slab 12 mm 128 x 64 2 in stock print spec sheet care & maintenanc Silexcolor Marmorino is the ideal finishing for Mape-Antique based dehumidifying cycles. Apply an even first coat of Silexcolor Marmorino with a stainless steel trowel. After complete drying, sand with abrasive sand paper double zero, then apply one or more coats of the same or different colour with a builders trowel, cross stroking

Macoavell VELLMA Marmorino offers a unique expression of colour, shape and design in any environment. A decorative plaster that offers a superb finish that looks opulent and beautiful while retaining affordability. Available in a range of colours, this versatile material can create a variety of subtle or impactful effects, while providing a tough, low maintenance finish for any interior space. MARMORINO KS is a lime-based smooth coating containing lime putty, Italian marble powder, reinforced acrylics and coloured with natural earth pigments and oxides. MARMORINO KS produces transparent. Marmorino Berlina (smooth) tinted to some of our most popular colors. This is the original Venetian plaster that all other companies try to copy. Leaves a smooth and stone like finish. (granulation size is 300 microns) · WHAT IS VENETIAN PLASTER: Also known as stucco Veneziano, Venetian plaster is a wall and ceiling finish made from. Marmorino Wallpaper 01 01 Sand. COLOURS: 3 available colours. 01 Sand . 02 Eau de Nil . 03 Graphite . Login to request a sample. Content Non-woven Paper . Match Straight . Width 70cm / 27.75 Vertical Repeat 87.7cm / 34.75 Horizontal Repeat 70cm / 27.75.

The Marmorino Roma is a mixture of particular and selectioned dusts and marble grits with other mineral ingredients with prevalence lime and other different additives which facilitate and garantee an excellent anchorage to the support Marmorino is to be applied in 2 layers, each with approx. 1 mm of thickness. Due to this high layer thickness and the embedded marble grains, the appearance will be different from Kreidezeit Stuccolustro and from Stucco Fine Render. The results are evenly less textured, glossy an Marmorino Palladino â„¢ is a natural lime and marble dust paste, which can be used as an interior and exterior decorative wall plaster. Palladino's medium size grain forms a thicker body which allows the creation of authentic Italian textures Marmorino Tools - Oval Trowel This Unique trowel is designed to give excellent results when laying on and Burnishing 3m Oval Dome Trwoel Curved Walls and Ceilings, with Ornate Decorative results. Produces amazing finshes Venetian Plaster - Marmorino- Metallic Finishes (Westchester - Putnam - Fairfield - NYC) < image 1 of 5 > license info: WC. QR Code Link to This Post. Services: - Preparation of Substrate. - Italian Venetian Plaster - Polished Venetian Plaster - Marmornio Lime Plaster - Rustic Finishes

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