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  1. Japan. Type 4 Ho-To SPG prototype with a Type 38 12 cm howitzer. Drawing of Ka-To 105 mm SP AT Gun. Type 95 Heavy Tank; 4 built in 1934. Ji-Ro (or Ji-Ro Sha) Type 92 10 cm cannon self-propelled gun on Type 95 Heavy Tank chassis. Hi-Ro Sha (or Hiro-sha) 10 cm cannon self-propelled gun on Type 95 Heavy Tank chassis
  2. Germany (1942)Self-propelled anti-tank - 1 prototype. Following the setbacks during the 1941 campaign in the Soviet Union, the Germans were in great need of finding a proper answer to the T-34 and the KV tanks. They decided to go with two different solutions. One was to simply upgun vehicles already in production, for example, the Panzer IV.
  3. The engine was likely purchased from Germany. The tank had 3 turrets, a main one in the center armed with a 57 mm (2.24 in) cannon, and 2 secondary forward and rear turrets armed with 6.5 mm (0.26 in) machine guns. It also had an armor 8 - 17 mm thick. The Prototype vehicle Type 91, undergoing crossing trials
  4. The T28 Super Heavy Tank was an American heavily armored tank self-propelled gun designed for the United States Army during World War II. It was originally d..
  5. British Prototype Tanks of WW2 Funky tanks and big ideas weren't just restricted to the Germans (but who could turn down a Tiger III, really?) Anyway, the Brits had their own and creative tank designers too, some of which would look great on a Weird WW2 table
  6. 10 Bizarre War Machines, Prototypes and Designs of WWII. (1) A WWII SdKfz. 302 model of Goliath Tracked Mine, displayed at the Tank Museum in Munster, Germany in 2005 (2) A bat with incendiary bomb attached during WWII, bats can carry a lot more than their own weight during flight (3) A Japanese Fu-Go or fire balloon, shot-down and then re.

Special vehicles and unmanned / robotic systems are also included in this listing to showcase the breadth of developments in the realm of tank / land warfare. 1. 1957. 2B1 Oka Self-Propelled Artillery (SPA) 2. 2010. 2S35 (2x152mm) Prototype Twin-Barreled Self-Propelled Gun Vehicle. 3 The KV-2 heavy artillery tank's 152 mm howitzer was housed in an enormous turret. This prototype differs from the production version in several ways. It was called the Dreadnought by its crews. Though the gun had poor penetrative capabilities, the mighty kinetic force of the round could blow off turrets or literally shake apart a tank Meet These 5 Super Prototype Tanks That Never Went to War . So what happenned? by Charlie Gao. The United States fielded a pretty standard lineup of tanks during the Cold War. First came the. Personally, I thought for a long time that many tanks from Wargaming's game World of Tanks are just made-up to complete the gaps in their 10-tiers tech tree system, especially when talking about premium vehicles, such as the Skorpion G project from Rheinmettal. But I found out it was an actual tank design from 1943, but not used May 24, 2021 - Explore DigitalCoyote's board US Prototype tanks & AFVs on Pinterest. See more ideas about military vehicles, tank, armored vehicles

https://www.alza.cz/?idp=7063&banner_id=1145 Michael Wittman was the most decorated tanker of world war 2 and had destroyed 138 allied tanks and 132 anti-tank guns during his career. Michael Wittman's death was a bit of a mystery. Some say he was ambushed and shot to pieces by allied tanks whereas there were indications that his tank was blown up by a rocket fired by an allied aircraft This article deals with the history of tanks employed by military forces in Czechoslovakia from the interwar period, and the more conventional tanks designed for the Czech Army before World War II, and the tanks that ended up as Panzers of the German Wehrmacht during World War II, or in the use of other countries who purchased them before the war began Tanks must be fast. That, I would say, is the most important lesson of the war in regard to tank design. The Panther was on the right lines, as a prototype. Fire-power, armor protection, speed and cross-country performance are the essentials, and the best type of tank is that which combines these conflicting requirements with the most success

Oct 19, 2020 - Pinned pictures of the A22F Churchill Mk VII (A43) armed with the QF 17 Pounder main gun, the A39 Tortoise Heavy Assault Gun, the A33 Excelsior Heavy Assault Tank and the A38 Valiant Infantry Tank. See more ideas about tank, armored vehicles, infantry Panzer II prototype. Published at 750 × 515 px. Link to full-size photo: Panzer II prototype. Site statistics: Photos of World War II: over 26800. aircraft: 63 models. tanks: 59 models. vehicles: 59 models The Thermobaric Tank, callsign Hammer is a special purpose tank used by Blackwatch and the Marines during the containment operation on Manhattan Island. 1 Overview 2 Gameplay 3 Trivia 4 Gallery The Thermobaric Tank's Chasis is a regular M1 Abrams. However, for the purpose of containing the infection, it's been thoroughly upgraded. It features thicker armour, complete with reactive layers on. T-26 Model 1933 light tank in Spain, late 1936: 4TP prototype tank, 1930s: British Cruiser Mk I tank at rest, date unknown: British Cruiser Mk I tank moving, date unknown: Chinese soldiers on a K800 motorcycle, circa 1937: Close-up of the front of the British Cruiser Mk I tank, showing 3.7-in howitzer main armament, date unknow

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AMR 33 prototype light tank (vehicle number 79760), 1933. BT-2 machine gun tank in exercise, circa early- or mid-1930s. Crossley armored cars in Shanghai, China, 1933. T-35A heavy tank in testing, date unknown. BT-2 tank with 35mm gun at rest, circa 1930s; note Polikarpov R-5 reconnaissance aircraft in background A tank destroyer with a rotating gun turret. It was an early modification of heavy artillery and was intended to fight on the Siegfried Line. T28 Prototype | U.S.A. | Tankopedia | World of Tanks The Tiger I was a German heavy tank used in the War Of 1211, World War II, the Rivera Federation War and Death Rivera War produced from late 1200's from Rivera's Industries as an answer to the unexpectedly formidable Rivera Federation armour encountered in the initial Final months of the War Of 1211, during World War II particularly the Soviet T-34 and the KV-1. The Tiger I design gave the.

The T28/T95 was the heaviest American tank construction in World War II and also one of the most unusual. In a certain way it resembled the British Tortoise, but had some innovations. The hull was a cast construction with a length of two thirds of the track and oriented towards the rear of the tank EraCountry Nazi Germany had several tank designs during World War II. In addition to these domestic designs, Germany also used various captured and foreign-built tanks. 1 Development and uses 2 Overview per tank 2.1 Panzer I 2.2 Panzer II 2.3 Panzer III 2.4 Panzer IV 2.5 Panther 2.6 Tiger I 2.7 Tiger II 3 See also The German tank force was an amazing success due to tactical innovation more. List of Second World War military vehicles by country, showing numbers produced in parentheses. 1 Belgium 1.1 Tanks and tankettes 1.2 Self-propelled guns 2 Canada 2.1 Tanks 2.2 Self-propelled artillery 2.3 Armoured personnel carriers 2.4 Armoured car 3 Czechoslovakia 3.1 Tanks 4 France 4.1 Armored Cars 4.2 Tanks 4.2.1 Armoured reconnaissance tanks 4.2.2 Light tanks 4.2.3 Heavy tanks 4.2.4 Self. The Panzer II was one of the first tanks built to test both how to build and how to use tanks. It was a Minimum Viable Prototype. It was never meant to be a usable product in actual warfare. And yet, it ended up being used in both the Spanish Civil War and the early parts of World War 2

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  1. Features. This is a composition created in Eden editor using the attachto, and attachToRelative. commands along with other code, these are new WW2 APC's, Tanks, & Vehicle variants. that you can put into your missions. They are based on actual prototypes and variants developed during WW2. About 95% of these tanks, and vehicles you can
  2. Prototype Tanks. Entwicklung series, a comprehensive redesign of German armor from small tracked vehicles to a 100-ton superheavy tank. Only a single E-100 chassis was completed. Neubaufahrzeug, pre-war heavy tank design, five built. Panther II, development of the Panzerkampfwagen V Panther. A single chassis was built
  3. Animated 3D model of P-51 D Mustang. Many claims have been made for the P-51 Mustang: that it was the best combat aircraft of the WW2, that it marked the transition from the piston-engined to the jet fighter, and that it was the type that gave the Allies final supremacy in the skies. The truth is perhaps slightly obscured by all these assertions

As the Allies advanced on all fronts in World War II, the United States needed a new weapon.It had to be able to protect Allied troops while being powerful enough to break through the German defenses at the Siegfried line and land on the Japanese mainland.. The Army built two prototypes of a super-heavy, super armored tank for just that purpose in 1945 - and then lost one of them almost as. Last week, the Army announced that two prototype tanks jockeying to be America's light armored vehicle of the future are in the process of being delivered to the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Soldiers of the 82nd Airborne will soon get the chance to do something no U.S. infantry Soldier has done in 26 years - employ a dedicated mobile, direct fire vehicle. The development of both vehicles was entrusted to the Manfred Weisz company, which built a mild steel prototype of the tank and started to build the tank destroyer prototype, when the war prevented further work. The tank prototype was completely destroyed by an American bombing raid on July 27, 1944 As far back as 1938 the Wehrmacht had realized that the Panzer III and Panzer IV tank would need to get replaced by a modern-day model a while later on. Numerous prototypes were designed by a few German manufacturers, but none was put into manufacturing. At the start of 1941 an acquisition had been set with Henschel for a 36-ton tank named the VK 3601 which was recommended to have the greatest. Turan: The Forgotten Tank of World War II Built to Battle Russia . Nazi Germany's ally Hungary worked hard to develop a tank that could stand up to Soviet armor, but to no avail

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  1. The Stalin tank IS 2 retained the rear turret machine-gun that had characterized Russian heavy tanks throughout WW2. IS 2 heavy tank supports infantry attack. These Iosef Stalin IS 2 of the 85th Heavy Tank Regiment, are patrolling a rubble-street in Berlin. IS 2 tanks in Berlin, 1945
  2. Those first two tanks remained at the big Wehrmacht weapons proving ground at Kummersdorf, about 20 miles south of Berlin, until May 1945. With Soviet troops closing in on Berlin, one Maus prototype, which had a functional turret, was reportedly sent to nearby Wünsdorf to help protect the headquarters of the German High Command
  3. g of age.Tank development occurred incredibly quickly during the war as the major powers played the game of one-upmanship. Tanks that were state of the art just a year ago were rendered obsolete as the opposing power built heavier vehicles with thicker armor and bigger, high-velocity cannons
  4. This is a list of top ten strange military vehicles of second World War (WWII 1939 to 1945). Advertisement. 1. Rhino Heavy Armoured Car. Rhino, was an armoured car designed in Australia during the Second World War. Due to enemy action and design problems the project never got beyond a prototype stage. The vehicle was completed by a welded.
  5. d was the Char de Rupture C (eng. Breakthrough Tank C). This tank had two predecessor prototypes built between 1917 and 1918, the 1A and 1B, an
  6. Initial fuel tank prototypes tested by Navy engineers were discouraging failures. Engineers had not anticipated the challenging dynamics, and often the entire back walls of prototype tanks were blown out by the hydrodynamic pressure wave. This is why the Japanese aircraft in WW2, that didn't use self sealing tanks, often exploded when hit.

40 km/h (25 mph) road, 20 km/h (12 mph) off road. 4. Panzer IV, The Panzer IV was the workhorse of the German tank force during World War II. It saw combat in all theaters, and was the only German tank to remain in production for the entire war. The Panzer IV was originally intended to be a support tank Contributor: C. Peter Chen ww2dbase The German Army doctrine of concentrating tanks to rapidly penetrate enemy defensive lines led to the US Army's request for a new weapon dedicated to counter such offensives. In Jun 1942, prototype tank destroyer T35E1 was finalized into the 3-inch Gun Motor Carriage M10 and was ordered into full production

The M41 Walker Bulldog light tank was built to replace the M24 Chaffee light tank, which was the standard light tank being used by the United States at the end of World War II. Just after the war ended, the US began developing a new light tank, the T-37. A prototype, the T-37 Phase I, wa There was even a 16 wheel 4 axle heavy trailer 14 metres long which reached prototype stage for the haulage of this tank made by the firm of Viterbi: At the same time that the P.40 was being developed though and partially as a result in delays in the production of a newer more powerful vehicle under the designation P.43 was already under. To focus on a particular instance in which WW2 tanks came into direct conflict, this article will focus on the Invasion of Normandy. American. Though America produced enormous numbers of armored vehicles (forty-seven thousand tanks alone in 1943-44), only two main types were used by the U.S. Army The Ram tank arose from a Canadian Armoured Corps request, and the prototype was rolled-out by the Montreal Locomotion Works in June 1941. This Canadian built vehicle wed the chassis of the US M3 Grant tank with a modified cast steel hull top that accommodated a locally designed turret capable of a 360° traverse

The T25 Medium Tank was a prototype tank that was developed by the United States during World War II. It did not see active service. 1 Description 2 Prototypes 3 History 4 References The T25 had an armament consisting of a 90 mm anti-tank gun, two 7.62 mm Browning M1919 machine guns, one mounted coaxially and one in the bow, and a 12.7 mm Browning M2HB mount on top of the turret. The vehicle. Tank - Tank - World War II: The most effective tank force proved to be the German, composed in 1939 of 3,195 vehicles, including 211 Pz. IVs. What made the German panzers so formidable was that, instead of being divided between various infantry and cavalry tank units, they were all concentrated and used in massed formations in the panzer divisions tankdestroyer.net. Welcome to the largest single resource of U.S. Tank Destroyer information in the world. All the materials we receive are digitized and available to read online or download. We dedicate the site to the men that served in the U.S. Tank Destroyer Forces. It is our hope that this project may bring together the families of these. The Heavy Tank T29 was a prototype heavy tank developed by the United States during World War II.. Description. After the American T26E1 prototype was deemed a successful design, and the M26 Heavy Tank began development, there was thought that even more heavily armed tanks would be needed. So, in early 1944, a new super heavy tank was designed to counter the new German heavy tanks, such as the. Get ready to take charge of your own German Tiger II army tank. The remote control King Tiger heavy tank are highly mimicking the prototype's, with very good details, is the best choice for your boy's army toys. Specifications: Tank model: WWII German King Tiger heavy tank Applicable age: 6+ Product size: 364mm x126mm x139mm / 14.35 x 5 x 5.

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When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. Touch device users can explore by touch or with swipe gestures This group is for everyone who like tanks, sci-fi tanks, real tanks, funny tanks, you can put here tank mods, tank maps, simply everything with straps, armor and gun :D Add media RSS rare pics of pre WW2 Polish prototypes part 2 (view original Panther was a heavy tank. We also need: Stug IV, Panzerjager 1, Ostwind, Wirblewind, Mobelwagon (those three are AAA tanks) , Maus, E-100. Ferdinand should be accpeted for elefant as that was it's other name. Jagdpanzer also needs to be included. So we dont need the Maus and the E-100, because these were blueprints item 6 1/35 Scale WW2 Russian TPP-2 Prototype Jump Tank Scratch built Diorama DETAILED 6 - 1/35 Scale WW2 Russian TPP-2 Prototype Jump Tank Scratch built Diorama DETAILED $49.99 0 bids 4d 13h +$20.00 shippin

Prototype Winchester WW1 .50 Cal Antitank Rifle. With the advent of the tank in World War One, antitank rifles became a priority for many countries, to provide infantry with some weapon to counter the new armored threat. The best known example of these (and the only one to see significant production before the end of WWI) was the German. A 1944 prototype of the gigantic Maus, a Nazi super-tank conceived by Porsche. Few were completed, and the design was later viewed as a dismal failure. The Americans were developing the 45-ton M-26 Pershing tank, and, of more personal concern to Hitler, the Russians debuted the 45-ton JS-2 Stalin

In 1943 Hungary already realized that it's tank productions were all obsolote and had little chance of survival aginst Russian medium tanks. To solve the problem Hungary started to develop the Turán III and Zrínyi assault guns. However it still tried to buy the licence of foreign vehicles, the Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H and the Pz.Kpfw. V Panther to be exact, but Germany rigidly refused to sell. The P-38 Lightning was an American World War II fighter aircraft built by Lockheed, in the United States. Over 10,000 P-38 Lightnings were built between the years of 1941 through to 1945. Read More: P-38 Lightnin This German 7.5 centimetre high velocity anti-tank gun was developed in 1939-1941 by Rheinmetall and used extensively from 1942-1945 during the Second World War. It was the PaK 40 which formed the backbone of German anti-tank guns for the latter part of World War II INFLATABLE TANK TREADS: An amphibious transport vehicle with inflatable tank treads was designed to roam across both land and sea. A small experimental prototype of the Captive Air Amphibious.

Swedish tanks: WW2 medium tank projects. A functional prototype with some minor changes had also been ordered by KAFT. However, with an estimated delivery time of spring 1945 for the delat torn prototype, a number of less extensive solutions had also been discussed World War II Vehicles available in World War II mode include some of the most powerful battlefield machines in use in Europe and Asia from the years preceding World War II through the period that immediately followed. Learn more about WWII mode >> U.S.A. // Light Tanks It might have been the greatest lost weapon of World War II. Major-General JFC Fuller, the man credited with developing modern armored warfare in the 1920s, called failure to use it the greatest.

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M-3 Stuarts on parade in Paraguay Nowadays not too many anymore. Up to the 1990s, WWII tanks were still pretty widely used. Especially US tanks in Latin America: M-3 Stuart (Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Paraguay and Uruguay).. The Army awarded a contract to Lockheed in July, 1937 for one prototype, the XP-38. Powered by two 1000-HP Allison V-1710-11/15 engines, driving counter-rotating propellers, the unarmed, stripped-down XP-38 first flew in January, 1939, with Air Corps Project Officer Ben Kelsey at the controls BMM Kätzchen prototype view of interior plus MG mounts . Rival Auto Union Kätzchen prototype in 1945 . This prototype APC was built in 1944, but little known of what became of it later. Kätzchen appears to be the original forerunner of modern day Armored Personnel Carriers

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Soviet WW2 tanks and combat vehicles T-20 Komsomolets armoured tractor, improvised fighting vehicles latest update : 10 January 2021 / latest vehicle addition : 10 January 2021 MS-1 (T-18) light tanks and T-27 tankettes latest update : 21 August 2019 / latest vehicle addition : 6 November 2018 T-37, T-38, T-30 and T-40 Amphibious / scout tanks To design this airplane, Northrop used a lot of the research he developed while working on the N-9M, making this World War II plane the predecessor of the famous B-2. Currently, one of the N-9M prototypes is still flying, making regular appearances at air shows and other events Soldiers are testing two tank prototypes at Fort Bragg, but only one is destined to become the Army's new light tank. By Eric Tegler. Mar 7, 2021 BAE Systems MPF prototype during a test fire..

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Some other Japanese prototype tanks have also been made with soft steel such as the Type 4 Chi-To 57mm cannon prototype in 1944. The front was 75mm thick with an additional 75mm thick plate stuck on for a total thickness of 150mm This page is about the first playable prototype mission of Soldiers: Heroes of WW2. Note: Not many will believe this page. If you do not think this is real: click this. 1 Overview 2 Task 3 Historical Accuracy 4 External Links 5 Extras 6 Photos TOP SECRET COMRADE, War is getting close to the end. The Fascist have fortified the right flank of the river. According to our intel, the enemy has. Another prototype was rejected because its electric system used too much copper, a sign of the extreme difficulties the German industry had to cope with in the later stages of the war ( the most extreme example of that, in my opinion, was the design and production, in late 1944, of the He-162 Salamander, which was a jet fighter made mostly of. Antonov took a T-60 light tank and added a pair of detachable biplane wings made of wood and fabric, and a twin tail. The prototype was dubbed Krylya Tanka (literally, winged tank) and designated the A-40 KT. For its test run, the tank was stripped off of nearly everything to reduce weight Many German tanks used diesel fuel, which gave their crews an excellent chance of surviving battle damage, in contrast to the American Sherman, with its gasoline-powered engine. Panzer Mark IV. The Mark IV was the most common German WW2 tank, and therefore in Normandy. More than eight thousand were built

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It is possible Soviet engineers were also inspired by the Vickers A1E1 Independent, a hulking British tank prototype with five turrets. Though Grotte's TG-5 tank design proved unworkable, two T-35 prototypes were eventually built in 1932, the second simplified to make it more affordable World War 2 Photos > German Armored Forces & Vehicles > Tank hunter prototype. Tank hunter prototype. Description. This prototype vehicle is the Ardelt-Rheinmetall 8.8cm PaK 43 Waffenträger. The idea behind this weapon system was a self-propelled mount for the powerful but heavy 8.8cm antitank gun, as towed versions of this gun were too. U.S. Marines on Okinawa look over an abandoned Japanese Kawasaki Ki-61 Tony on April 9, 1945. The Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien (飛燕, flying swallow) is a Japanese World War II fighter aircraft used by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service. The Japanese Army designation was Army Type 3 Fighter (三式戦闘機) The M41 Walker Bulldog, officially 76-mm Gun Tank, M41, was an American light tank developed for armed reconnaissance purposes. It was produced by Cadillac between 1951 and 1954 and marketed successfully to the United States Army as a replacement for its aging fleet of World War II vintage M24 Chaffee tanks. BOOK NOW

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Medium Tank A-20 THE PROTOTYPES. The Soviet prototype of the A-20 was further advanced and stuck closely to ABTU specification. The 18,2 tonne (18 ton) design retained the wheel/track configuration of the BT series. Like its BT forebears, it ran on four pairs of road wheels powered by the new, compact and powerful 373kW (500bhp) V-2 diesel tank. Choose an option 1/100 1/72. Clear. Type 5 Ho-Ri Tank Destroyer Prototype quantity. Add to cart. Additional information. Reviews (0) Scale. 1/100, 1/72. Reviews Vector image German WW2 Maus super heavy prototype tank can be used for personal and commercial purposes according to the conditions of the purchased Royalty-free license. The illustration is available for download in high resolution quality up to 5000x3535 and in EPS file format

Chryslers tank was not only a tank but amphibious and had no windows so that a nuclear blast would not harm the occupants. It had a CCTV setup so they could drive with a monitor and camera. THis is cold war era stuff. Just thought it was interesting. Picture of the actual prototype. It was gas powered during the prototype phase Maus is the name of the largest tank design ever built. Designed in 1942 by Ferdinand Porsche under direct order from Adolf Hitler. The Maus would have had a crew of either 5 or 6. The tank's hull was 10.1 meters long, 3.67 meters wide and 3.66 meters tall. Weighing 188 tons, the Maus was armed with a 128mm cannon and a coaxial 75mm gun, and. WASHINGTON — Prototype candidates competing to be the new light tank for the U.S. infantry are being delivered to the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where soldiers will.

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8 Operating German Tanks on World War II. Elefant ( German for elephant) was a schwerer Panzerjäger (heavy tank destroyer ) of the German Wehrmacht used in small numbers in World War II. It was built in 1943 under the name Ferdinand, after its designer Ferdinand Porsche. In 1944, after modification of the existing vehicles, they were. First two prototypes of light tank with a 90 mm gun and infantry fighting vehicle were revealed in 1990. The third prototype was armed with a 105 mm gun and was revealed in 1991. These should have been followed by a number of other vehicles whose development was decided by the needs of the market Whenever in future wars the battle is fought, panzer troops will play the decisive role Heinz Guderian, General der Panzertruppe, Achtung D2 Medium Tank. French Renault D2 Medium Tank. 28791016. Танк. French Armed Forces Tank Destroyer Ww2 Tanks French Army Military Equipment Armored Vehicles War Machine World War Two Military Vehicles Tank history. Table of contents 1 WW1 World War I 2 Between the Wars 2.1 Germany 3 WW2 World War II 3.2 Germany 4 Post-WWII. Tank history WW1 - World War I Before World War I, motorized vehicles were still relatively uncommon, and their use on the battlefield was initially limited, especially of heavier vehicles

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The Cars, Tanks and Airplanes of WWII. World War II, a global conflict that lasted from 1939-45, was among the most far-reaching conflicts in history. The war spanned six continents, involved more than 30 countries, and introduced new weapons and machinery. Nations pushed their best scientific minds to their limits designing and manufacturing. Type 5 Ho-Ri Tank Destroyer Prototype £ 8.00 - £ 12.00 Select options. WW2 Japan Type 5 Ka-To 105mm SP GM built over 21,000 of them, at a cost to the government of $10,800 each, according to Michael W.R. Davis's Detroit's Wartime Industry: Arsenal of Democracy. At 31 feet long, the Duck could.